Tennis Court Cleaning Sydney

You need an expert when it comes to tennis court cleaning, and we can deliver the service and quality you expect. 


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Tennis Court Cleaning

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Tennis Court Cleaning

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Tennis Court Cleaning

Sand filled synthetic grass – Sun & Maintenance is the key.

In Sydney it would be safe to say approximately 8 out of 10  tennis courts are built using this type of surface and are easily the most popular. Beautiful when maintained these sand filled surfaces can quickly become choked with dying leaf matter reducing drainage and promoting the growth of moss. If your tennis court becomes unloved and covered in moss fear not because Power Wash Australia use a specially designed synthetic turf rotary cleaner to break through the tuff moss crust opening up the infill and completely dislodging the contaminants without damaging the fibre ends of the surface. Power Wash Australia also utilizes a chemical treatment that has been specially formulated for synthetic surfaces that completely kills any remaining spoors at a microscopic level while uniquely cleaning and filtering the sand simultaneously. Once dry the court is then power swept to rejuvenate the fibre ends and if needed new sand is then added. Your tennis court now looks like new.

Hard Tennis Courts – Care & experience counts.

Acrylic, painted concrete.

A very hard wearing surface that’s practical considering our sometimes harsh Aussie climate. Susceptible to retaining moisture these surfaces provide the perfect environment for the build-up of dirt and algae causing the surface to become very slippery. Power wash Australia can chemically treat and clean any hard court surface without damaging the surface making it look like new again.

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Additional Services and Tips

Water alone won’t get it clean!

House washing cladding be it metal, timber or PVC is a simple 4 step process if you intend on using a small pressure cleaner.

It’s usually mould and mildew that needs to be removed from your cladding and to inhibit its re growth we use a special treatment.
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Power Wash Australia:

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