Tips for pressure cleaning cladded homes

House washing 

Water alone won’t get it clean!

House washing cladding be it metal, timber or PVC is a simple 4 step process if you intend on using a small pressure cleaner.

It’s usually mould and mildew that needs to be removed from your cladding and to inhibit its re growth we use a special treatment.

One of the misconceptions about power washing is that by simply using a pressure washer to blast off the mould you will insure a great result. This is not true and if your main reason for cleaning the house is to remove mould and mildew, you will soon find out that the simple truth is that you will only remove 50% of it and your cladding will still look like it is off colour. Mould and mildew is alive and needs to be killed along with its spores to ensure it’s stopped in its tracks.

To keep the cladding looking sparkling clean for longer periods of time, follow this simple 4 step pressure cleaning process.

Firstly make sure you purchase some strong bleach, approximately 20ltr for an average size house.

You will need a low pressure garden sprayer to apply the bleach. Use a 4-1 mix. If you have lots of algae make your mix more concentrated.

Then most importantly make sure you wear a respirator mask, glasses, nitrile rubber gloves and a raincoat with a hood.

Have your pressure cleaner ready to go. Work small areas at any one time.

A guide to help you.

Step 1: Using your pressure cleaner from a distance of about 1- 2 metres wet down the area you’re working on.

Step 2:  Apply diluted bleach to same work area and leave for 5 min.

Step 3: Using your pressure cleaner from a distance of about 1 metre clean off mould and bleach.

Step 4; Using your pressure cleaner from a distance of 1-2 metres rinse all residue from surface.

There you have it!

Pressure cleaning professionals protect their treatment formulas as highly regarded secrets of their business. And unless you know a pro, chances are you won't get any of them to tell you what they use.

Another alternative would be to hire a professional cleaning contractor that cleans cladding properly and save yourself the effort.

Power Wash Australia:

Have the exterior of your home pressure cleaned by a professional cleaning contractor. There is no better time to clean the outside of your home than now!

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