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How to Remove Oil From a Concrete Driveway. Do it yourself!

Depending on how big the spill is and what type of oil, how long it has been there and what type of surface you have, a good majority can be removed if you have at your disposal a few useful items. Be warned though COMPLETE removal is almost impossible and in most circumstances, shadows of the stain will remain though greatly diminished. What you will need. Dry cement powder -$10 A broom or dust pan. - You have one right! Water-based degreaser or detergent. - $10 Solvent-based degreaser - $3 [...]

2021-03-04T21:40:13+00:00 March 4th, 2021|Cleaning Blogs|

Will high pressure water cleaning damage my driveway?

The short answer is NO . As long as the operator understands  What pressure is needed? What tip size is needed? What cleaning distance is needed? What water flow is needed?  And of course what exactly are we trying to remove? Because all surfaces vary in density and structure it's important to know a few facts about the driveway surface in particular that you would like to clean. Firstly you would need to identify what you have and understand its makeup and hardness. Once you know and understand what’s needed [...]

2021-01-20T02:19:27+00:00 January 20th, 2021|Cleaning Blogs|