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High Pressure

Power Wash Australia welcomes you to the ever expanding world of pressure cleaning, pressure washing, power washing, or whatever you personally know it by. Baby boomers know them by the term Gurney and this current generation knows them by the term Karcher.

It seems you can go into almost any retail store and buy yourself an inexpensive small machine that you connect the garden hose and electricity to, and away you go! They can be a fun toy for some people! Getting out on a Saturday, firing up the pressure cleaner and literally looking for things to clean! Paths, driveways, pavers ,fences, sandstone walls, garage doors, roofs, the garden shed, the car, the neighbour’s car, the outdoor furniture, the deck, the dog kennel, the pool fence, the picket fence out front, the car engine, your shade sails, the garbage bins, the big rock in the garden, and before you know it, it’ll be Sunday.


What Our Clients Say

Gary from PWA came in and washed the external of our house and I couldn’t believe the difference. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your business Gary!

Lynn from Pymble

They were in and out in a day and oh what difference. Thank you Gary for not only cleaning our roof but also cleaning up after. Very impressed with the service

Nolene from Leura

I really didn’t realize how much work is involved in cleaning a court like ours. In 2 days our court was looking great. Thank you for all the hard work Gary

Jean from Turramurra