How Lichens Affect Your Roof – And The Best Way To Get Rid Of These Organisms

Lichens with their vibrant colours can look quite interesting. They can produce pops of yellow, orange, red, grey, or green on your roof materials. Even though these growths can look a little bit charming, they are not too pleasant to deal with. These types of growths should be removed from your roof as soon as possible because they can affect your roof materials. What are Lichens?Lichens are not single organisms. Instead, this crusty growth is a blend of fungus and algae. Different variants of algae and fungi can grow and develop [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Provider for External Concrete Cleaning

When it comes to home maintenance, it is just as important to focus on the external areas of your home as it is the internal ones. This includes looking after your external concrete areas to ensure they not only look good but also remain in good condition. There are all sorts of external concrete areas that might need to be cleaned, from paths and patio areas to driveways and more. One of the simplest ways to ensure that these concrete areas are properly cleaned is to find professionals who specialise [...]

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4 Reasons Roof Cleaning Is So Important at Your Home

Most people tend to give little thought to areas of the home such as the roof, yet this is the very thing that provides everything from increased security and structural stability to protection from the elements. Taking proper care of your roof is, therefore, vital, and this includes making sure it is properly cleaned to keep it in good shape. Fortunately, you don’t have to perch yourself up there to get this work done, as there are professionals who can do it for you. Roof cleaning is important for [...]

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Choosing the Right Company for Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance Work

Keeping the exterior of your home clean and in good shape is important, but it is often something that is overlooked. Many people have enough on their plates trying to stay on top of their existing commitments without the added time involved in property maintenance. This is why they turn to experts to deal with tasks such as exterior cleaning, and this can make a big positive difference to both the appearance and the condition of the property’s exterior. If you are considering using professionals to deal with exterior [...]

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How to Remove Oil From a Concrete Driveway. Do it yourself!

Depending on how big the spill is and what type of oil, how long it has been there and what type of surface you have, a good majority can be removed if you have at your disposal a few useful items. Be warned though COMPLETE removal is almost impossible and in most circumstances, shadows of the stain will remain though greatly diminished. What you will need. Dry cement powder -$10 A broom or dust pan. - You have one right! Water-based degreaser or detergent. - $10 Solvent-based degreaser - [...]

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Will high pressure water cleaning damage my driveway?

The short answer is NO . As long as the operator understands  What pressure is needed? What tip size is needed? What cleaning distance is needed? What water flow is needed?  And of course what exactly are we trying to remove? Because all surfaces vary in density and structure it's important to know a few facts about the driveway surface in particular that you would like to clean. Firstly you would need to identify what you have and understand its makeup and hardness. Once you know and understand what’s [...]

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Pressure Cleaners vs Surface Cleaners: What’s the Difference?

Power washing and pressure cleaning are often used interchangeably, but there are different types of pressure cleaners that have different purposes. Most of us have seen the typical power washing equipment used to remove graffiti, clean up driveways and sidewalks, or to bring colour back to aluminium or vinyl siding and fences, but this type of pressure cleaner is often complemented with surface cleaning equipment as well. What’s the difference between a traditional pressure cleaner and a purpose-built surface cleaner? Shape and Handling Most surface cleaners look like a [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Pressure Cleaning

If you regularly browse through social media, you’re likely to have found the occasional video of the wonders of pressure cleaning in action. Not only are they satisfying in an almost ASMR-like fashion, but the cleaners often make it look like child’s play. In reality, pressure cleaning is neither child’s play nor is it as easy as these videos make it out to be. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of do’s and don’ts of DIY pressure cleaning so that you can have a more satisfying experience than a [...]

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5 Reasons why Your Business Needs a Professional Pressure Cleaner

Hiring a professional pressure cleaner can add a lot of street appeal to your business. Not only will your business property look cleaner, but there are a lot of other reasons why routine pressure cleaning will benefit your business. No Need to Purchase Pressure Washing Equipment Personal pressure cleaning equipment is far less expensive than it used to be, but most pressure washers available to consumers are best used for light cleaning around the home and lack the customisable nozzles and pressure ratings that professional equipment can achieve. By [...]

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Soft Washing vs. Power Washing: Pros and Cons

Not all pressure washers are alike. There are two main ways of cleaning surfaces on or around the home, soft washing and power washing. Both forms of pressure washing use pressurised water and cleaning agents to remove dirt, debris, and mould from surfaces on or around the home, but they do so differently. As their names imply, soft washing is a gentler way of cleaning more sensitive surfaces whereas power washing works best of tougher, nonporous surfaces. Each has its advantages and disadvantages: Soft Washing Whenever sensitive surfaces require [...]

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