How to Remove Oil From a Concrete Driveway. Do it yourself!

//How to Remove Oil From a Concrete Driveway. Do it yourself!

How to Remove Oil From a Concrete Driveway. Do it yourself!

Depending on how big the spill is and what type of oil, how long it has been there and what type of surface you have, a good majority can be removed if you have at your disposal a few useful items.

Be warned though COMPLETE removal is almost impossible and in most circumstances, shadows of the stain will remain though greatly diminished.

What you will need.

  • Dry cement powder -$10
  • A broom or dust pan. – You have one right!
  • Water-based degreaser or detergent. – $10
  • Solvent-based degreaser – $3 per aerosol
  • A brush/ scrubbing or paintbrush. – You have one of these also right!
  • Hot water! – Now I know you have this!
  • A small pressure cleaner or a garden hose with moderate pressure. Most people have one these days.

Generally, from my experience, it’s mostly driveways that suffer the consequences of oil being leaked by a car or truck.

At this point I get a call, “Hi my son’s old car has leaked oil onto our driveway can you help?”

The issue isn’t can I remove it? Because of course, we can as we have the equipment and the know-how!

The issue is the relative cost.

I’m assuming you would like to save some money right?

Well, read on ….. It will be worth it!

Firstly make sure the affected areas of your concrete are dry and make sure you don’t do this when rain is expected. Basically keep water away from the areas you are trying to clean initially.

Step 1

Once this is established go ahead and place some dry cement powder onto the oil affected areas. Make sure you have say a 10- 20 mm layer over the oil. It’s important to have enough cement powder so as to avoid it being completely saturated. More is better than less.

The cement will absorb quite a lot of the oil. Leave it for a day if possible.


If the weather is cold and there is a lot of dew around (winter) the cement powder will absorb the moisture and become hard like concrete.

You could cover it with plastic to keep the moisture away.

Step 2

The next step is to simply sweep up the concrete powder and dispose of it responsibly.

This process would have removed quite a bit of the oil.

Step 3

Take the solvent-based degreaser and apply it to the stains and agitate it with a brush. Let the degreaser sit for 10 minutes or so.

Step 4

Apply water-based degreaser onto the same areas generously and leave for 5 minutes.

Step 5

Pour boiling hot water on the areas.

Step 6

Finally, rinse off with a pressure cleaner for best results (don’t get to close and aggressive) or a garden hose if you have nothing else.



Regardless here at Pressure Cleaning Sydney we love to be helpful so if the job at hand seems a bit overwhelming please feel free to call us on 0415972645 and we can sort it for you!

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