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    The bulk of our services focus is on external cleaning/maintenance services. We firmly believe that having a clean environment helps foster better relationships whether its work or home.

    Sealing And Protection

    Why is sealing a good idea?

    When it comes to the protection of hard surfaces sealing is the most practical way of achieving a durable relatively long lasting barrier from damaging contaminants and foot and vehicle traffic.The truth is sealing can add years to the life and beauty of your surface. Depending on the surface in question  sealers vary in type, cost and application methods. Pressure Cleaning Sydney has 15 years of experience and knowledge in the sealing of most hard surfaces. Our technicians can consult on the pros and cons of sealing hard surfaces and wisely point you in the right direction

    Preparation is the Key!

    Pressure Cleaning Sydney will clean and prepare your hard surfaces to a standard that is unsurpassed. Our certified cleaning treatment system ensures all contaminants are removed ensuring a perfect clean.

    Fact !

    It is a fact that if your surface is not spotlessly clean and dry prior to sealing the effectiveness and  lifespan of the sealer will be compromised.

    What hard surfaces can be sealed?

    Almost any hard surface that can be pressure cleaned can be sealed .

    The most common surfaces that Pressure Cleaning Sydney have come across are plain grey concrete, stenciled coloured concrete, stamped concrete , sandstone, travertine, pebblecrete, exposed aggregate , brick/clay  pavers , concrete pavers, marble, granite.

    Most widely used sealers!

    Penetrating and Decorative .

    Penetrating sealers are  expensive and really more like a waterproofing coating. Generally they don’t affect the physical appearance of the surface and don’t peel or crack.

    There more widely used for sealing out stains like red wine and food oils from penetrating into your prised travertine, terracotta ,marble, granite or sandstone  flooring in the kitchen or bbq area.

    Decorative or film forming sealers are less expensive.They are designed to not only seal out contaminates but enhance the colour and  appearance giving a wet look of surfaces like stencilcrete , stamped concrete or coloured concrete on driveways and walkways. They also offer fantastic protection from vehicle and foot traffic .

    Application methods .

    Generally penetrating sealers are applied using a low pressure spray system .

    Decorative sealers are of a much higher viscosity and are generally applied using a roller. This sealer can be sprayed also however a roller will push the sealer into all the nooks and crannies in the surface ensuring better penetration than spraying.

    We are passionate about providing quality sealing and protection services for both homes and commercial buildings.  No matter what you’re trying to do, our team can get it done.

    Dont be confused!

    From decorative stone  to simple concrete sealing, we have the skills and expertise to seal and protect virtually any surface.  Whether it’s a commercial or residential need, we provide incredible services at exceptional prices. Call Pressure Cleaning Sydney and let us help you choose the right sealer for your particular surface and  for more information about our sealing and protection services contact us today.

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