5 Important Reasons to Deep Clean Your Roof

//5 Important Reasons to Deep Clean Your Roof

5 Important Reasons to Deep Clean Your Roof

Roof cleaning is an important task that’s often neglected by many homeowners. Perhaps it’s the belief that rain will wash dirt and debris off the roof and direct it away from the home or perhaps it’s due to a lack of proper cleaning equipment or safety concerns. Regardless, the only way to truly deep clean your roof is with quality power washing.

Power washing is a practical and useful way to clean driveways, fences, walls, and more efficiently. It just so happens that roofs stand to benefit from regular power washing as well. Here are five important reasons to deep clean your roof:

  • Remove Algae, Mildew, and Lichen

Rain will normally knock away leaves and debris towards your gutters, but with moisture and even minute accumulations of standing water come mould and bacterial growth. Algae, mildew, and lichen are all capable of growing and thriving under and over roof tiles, shingles, and near roof vents.

Power washing knocks away these buildups, which can lead to breathing problems, discolouration of tiles and shingles, and many other problems. High-pressure water using the right cleaning solution will eliminate the problem at the source.

  • Keeping Appearances

If you’re serious about maintaining a beautiful home and property, don’t neglect your roof. Most roofs are immediately noticeable, so discolouration can really be jarring when sitting atop a clean and well-kept home. Power washing can eliminate stains and discolouration from algae and dirt to reveal the original colour underneath (just like new!).

  • Prolong the Lifespan of Your Roof

Power washing can reveal more than just the original colours of your roof. Underneath tiles and shingles, rot may set in, which can create long-term damage to your roof and even compromise the structural integrity of your roof if allowed to spread to the underlying support. 

While power washing can’t reverse the damage caused by rot, it can knock away dirt and debris to reveal problematic areas so that they can be addressed by a professional roofer before they’re exacerbated.

  • Neutralise Bird Droppings

Silver gulls are amongst the most common birds in Australia, and they’re no stranger to Sydney either. These flying rats are a true nuisance, and they’re even developing dangerous diseases such as E. coli. One danger they present to roofs is the uric acid found in their excrement, which just so happens to frequently land on roofs.

In addition to looking unsightly, this excrement can begin to rot away at roof tar, paper, and shingles themselves. Only through regular power washing can the buildup of bird droppings be neutralised before it’s allowed to set in and cause havoc to your roof.

  • Increase Real Estate Value

If you’re trying to sell your home, keeping a tidy appearance can go a long way to forming a great first impression on prospective buyers. Dirty and unkempt roofs give the impression that, although you may have tidied up inside, you’re neglecting to care for a component of the house that holds important value.

Power washing prior to putting up a home for sale will give it a fresh, just like new look to visitors and may, in turn, increase the likelihood of making a favourable sale. It probably won’t accomplish this alone, but every detail matters for such a big investment.

Clean Your Roof Professionally With Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Contact Pressure Cleaning Sydney today to see how we can bring your roof back to life, free of bacteria, lichen, algae, and bird droppings. Bring some colour back to your home with our professional power washing service. Our team of experts works safely and efficiently and has the tools and expertise to get the job done right.

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