How to Clean Mould & Mildew from Outdoor Surfaces

How to Clean Mould & Mildew from Outdoor Surfaces

Mould and mildew fungi are pretty common in and around Sydney.  There are more than 100 000 different types of mould and mildew across the globe and while some of these versions are harmless others can be pretty harmful to your health.

Mould and mildew fungus in and around your house can affect you in different ways.  Some people are more sensitive to mould while others are very resilient against the effects of this fungus.  Those with sensitivities can experience symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, throat irritations, coughing, wheezing, eye irritations, skin conditions and much more.  Mould and mildew can also worsen medical conditions like asthma and can even result in death if someone is extremely sensitive to the fungus.

These grey, black, white and green fungi will develop and grow in any spot with high humidity levels.  Any spot in and around your house that is frequently humid will become a breeding ground for this unhealthy fungus.  Mould and mildew can even grow outside of your house against walls, on sidewalks, on the roof, in trenches and more and just because the mould and mildew are located outside doesn’t mean that you are any safer from the side effects.

It is important to get mould and mildew breakouts cleaned off your home or buildings outdoor surfaces as well as the indoor areas so you can enjoy a healthy living or working environment and so you can maintain a great looking building or house.  Black, white, gray and green spots on a building is hardly attractive and can give the impression that you live unhygienically.

How to clean outdoor mould and mildew

Cleaning off mould and mildew isn’t an easy task.  Here is a quick guide to help you get your outdoor surfaces completely mould and mildew free.

Mix your treatment – Wear rubber gloves, eye protection and don’t wear your best clothes when attempting this. Using a garden sprayer add a cup of bleach to 6 ltr of fresh water and add a squirt of dishwashing liquid ( this will help the treatment to wet the surface better than just water.)

Wet those plants – The first step is to wet your garden plants using a hose so these plants won’t absorb all the chemicals you are using.

Add more water – Moisten the surface you want to clean.

Application – making sure it isnt windy spray the surface you want to clean with your treatment and leave for 10 min.

Rinse and repeat – Rinse off with your hose to see if any mould and mildew is left behind.  Repeat the steps until you are satisfied with the results.

Water plants again – Now it is time to wet those plants again so you can wash off any bleach that might have gotten onto your plants.

The quicker, easier and more effective alternative

Removing mould and mildew yourself can be a very tedious process.  Mould and mildew are often very stubborn and usually also results in staining of the surface.  The best way to effectively remove mould and mildew is by using somebody that has the correct chemical spraying equipment.  Pressure Cleaning Sydney has the perfect solution for you.  Our soft wash system is gentle on sensitive surfaces while our power washers and pressure cleaners can get any dirt, grime, messes and even stubborn mildew washed away from your outdoor surfaces in no time at all.  Power washing is a much better alternative to normal washing because this method uses a lot less water and it is a much more effective cleaning method.  We also use eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t harm your plants or the world in any way.

When you use Pressure Cleaning Sydney you can get all of that stubborn mould removed quickly without affecting your environment and without wasting any of your time and money on ineffective methods.

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