Spring Cleaning: 6 Good Reasons to Pressure Clean

Spring Cleaning: 6 Good Reasons to Pressure Clean

Winter is finally over. Birds are singing, trees and flowers are blossoming and the weather is getting nicer with each and every passing day.  

Springtime is glorious and filled with new beginnings. This is also the perfect time to give your home or business a proper spring clean and one of the very best ways to do this is by employing a professional pressure cleaning company.

Here are a few good reasons to include pressure cleaning in your spring cleaning cycle in Sydney;

Pressure Cleaning Is Quick

One of the best reasons to use pressure cleaning is to get your property clean!

Pressure washing is incredibly fast and you can get your entire building, home and driveway washed spotless in one single day, perhaps even less time depending on the size of your house or building.

Pressure Cleaning  Is Effective

Combined with the correct eco friendly treatment a jet of high-pressure water effectively removes stubborn dirt, algae growth, pollution  buildup.

A wide stream of high pressure water can  get the dirt out of small nooks and crannies. Pressure washing can be used to clean up a number of contaminants such as sand, dirt, moss, mould, mildew and can even be used for cleaning up oils and greases from surfaces.

The treatment is very effective and gives a nice clean result.

Pressure Cleaning Is Refreshing

If you are tired of the dusty paintwork and cobwebs around your home  or you have a building where the walls are all discoloured then this is the perfect solution for you.

Using our specially formulated eco friendly treatment combined with controlled pressure washing we can remove all  discolouration and cobwebs leaving the surfaces on your home or building bright and smelling fresh.

A Good Pest Control Method

In Australia insects like wasps build mud nests , spiders create cobwebs  and ants tend to build their nests in and around the walls and eves of our homes. Pressure cleaning combined with our  treatment removes nests and cobwebs ( unlike pest controllers) and also kills those unwanted pests.

Pressure Washing Is Great For Allergy Control

Mould is the number one contributor of many serious allergies. Surprisingly mould occurs in places where you would never imagine it to be like the external walls of your home , your walkways , pergolas and absolutely anywhere you can imagine.

Our specially formulated anti fungal treatment kills and washes away all unwanted algae from all surfaces, which significantly reduces allergy attacks

This service is a great way to start controlling some of the allergies so many suffer.

Pressure Washing Gives Your Home A Mini Facelift

If you would like your home to stand out looking vibrant, refreshed and clean again then please give us a call. Whether it is a pre sale makeover or just a spring clean, we at Power Wash Australia have you covered!

We are specialists in stone rejuvenation, paver cleaning and sealing , house washing and commercial building washdowns , large and small scale concrete cleaning.

For an easy spring cleaning session that results in a beautiful, vibrant and refreshing home,  you can definitely give Pressure Cleaning Sydney a call we are more than happy to come and help you with your spring cleaning task.  

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