Things To Keep in Mind When Pressure Cleaning Your Roof

Things To Keep in Mind When Pressure Cleaning Your Roof

There is a common belief that pressure cleaning your roof is not safe, and can cause damage to the roof shingles and tiles. And although some of this might be true,  roofing experts have been recommending this process to add years to the roof’s lifespan, and give it a healthy, radiant appearance.

During this process, the gutters are cleaned out and hence your home is left looking neat and tidy. But this is not all, our washing method also promises to deliver a very clean look that enables smooth surfaces for repairing and repainting. With our years of experience we are able to remove every moss, dirt, dust and other waste accumulations on your roof surface without hassle, and also with no damage being caused to the quality of the roofing material itself.

If you are more of a DIY person, there are a few safety concerns that you need to be aware of. They include:

Avoid Using Water at its Highest Pressure Setting

Using more water pressure may give you fastest results, and helps in cleaning the dirt more easily, but it also has the ability to cause breakage of the roofing shingles. That’s why we always advise that you avoid using the water pressure at its highest setting. By turning down the pressure setting it will just allow you to remove the moss, algae and other dirt that has accumulated on your roof, and won’t cause any damage or breakage and leakage to the tiles or roofing materials.

Take Care When Using the Power Washer

Pressure washing is a method which has to be undertaken very carefully, and therefore the use of power washer so that water doesn’t flow under your roof shingles. Make sure you are using the power washer on the right angle, so that water travels downwards towards the edge of the roof. When pointed downward, it won’t cause any leakage on the roof surface.

Keep a note while walking

While washing with a pressure washer it’s important to remember that with so much pressure and psi velocity, be very careful about walking on the the hose and take care when monivering around the top of your roof. Be sure to not step on the shingles, and rather step only on the support beams or rafters of the roof, and to avoid breaking the shingles while cleaning ensure to step lightly to avoid unnecessary breakage and costly repairs.

Choose the Right Water Pressure Cleaning Machine

If you are having your roof professionally cleaned, the washer they would be using will be of the highest standard and technologically advanced so that your roof is left completely clean. They might use chlorine, or just water. Regardless of what they use, the washer should be a good brand, and should be used in a way that it causes no damage to your roofing materials.

Understand the Machine’s Limits

You need to understand that some stains and spots are too strong, and some dirt is impossible to remove. Hence, understanding the limits of the machine you are using is vital so that you do not place too much pressure on it which might affect the roofing materials adversely.

When taking on the pressure cleaning of your roof yourself, the biggest issues with the smaller, hardware store purchased machines is the time that is takes to actually pressure clean a large area.

Powerwash Australia use a refined pressure cleaning system that makes it possible to pressure clean virtually anything external in a minimum amount of time. We service all areas throughout Sydney including the CBD, Northern Beaches, Sutherland Shire, Blue Mountains, Richmond, Western Suburbs and Hills District. Contact us today on 0415 972 645 and take the hassle out of getting professional results.

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